Self-Defense Course for High School Seniors and College Students


College is supposed to be a time when young men and women are building the foundation for their professional career. Some students may be away from home for the first time, while others are getting the opportunity to expand their social settings. College is a time to be enjoyed, but unfortunately new settings and new environments create a new situation most students may not have experienced before: violence.

Krav Maga Boston South Coast is conducting a four (4) week course catered towards high school seniors and college students to provide them with the basic knowledge of self-defense.

These one (1) hour classes will build each week from learning basic strikes to learning defenses against chokes, bear hug attacks, attacks while on the ground, and more.

The course will run on Saturdays from December 23, 2017 to Saturday, January 20, 2018. The cost of the course is $125 which includes the four weeks of training, gloves and a tee shirt.

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